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Everyday Spirituality is more than a book, it's a new way of looking at life.  Actually, that's not true.  It's an ancient/future way of looking at life. The Desert Fathers and Mothers of the early second-century middle east knew it.  The Saints and Mystics of both Eastern and Western religions knew it. Jesus and the Prophets knew it. Psychologists, Scientists, and Anthropologists know it today.  You and I, and every child, every surfer, every nurse, every singer, every scientist knows it to be true.  Namely, that the sacred and the secular are not two separate worlds, rather the sacred is in the ordinary.  God is found in the breaking of bread, the singing of songs and the pounding of nails.  Everyday Spirituality seeks to help people rediscover this ancient truth and learn to live it into the future, so that life can be filled with hope, peace, and meaning. 

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Author James Hazelwood

What you should know about me

I wrote this book, and the various accompanying resources because I truly believe that an attitude that sees God in the everyday ordinary activities of people changes everything.  My goal is to help you, your group, your church, your organization begin to this shift.  I'm available to help


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